'03 Budds 125; Stewart Last To First

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6/18/2021 6:27 AM
Edited Date/Time: 6/18/2021 7:08 AM

Burnt up some time on YouTube last night. Came across some scratchy copy of the '03 Budds 125 race where #259 Stewart looked like a man among boys in that second moto; damn!

Besides the riding clinic, the names on gate, how shitty non-HD TV was, etc. does any one else here think David Bailey needs to come back to broadcasting? He was the color guy but sounded like he owned the broadcast. So much natural passion & excitement. Get this man back behind the mic!


6/18/2021 6:54 AM

Found a video on YouTube, made a topic about it, and didn't even include the link.


6/18/2021 7:10 AM

chad_111 wrote:

Found a video on YouTube, made a topic about it, and didn't even include the link.

At no point have I ever said I was smart. cool


6/18/2021 7:54 AM

I was there! Was my first time at Budds.
Stewart was amazing. What I remember distinctly obviously was his speed on the 125 but also seeing the lines he was taking through some of the off camber turns.


6/18/2021 8:21 AM

The track is so bad going that direction.

But damn Stewart was on another level entirely. Like A class vs beginners.


6/18/2021 9:17 AM

I thought this was the moto of the scrub heard round the world


6/18/2021 10:31 AM

I was there. A special moto memory to be able to witness that.

To add to the greatness of this, remember this was his first National of the season. He missed the first 4 rounds after demolishing himself in that nasty crash at the Vegas SX finale only 1 month prior.


Powerband in every gear !

6/18/2021 11:41 AM

2003 was special. The amazing thing was how his momentum carried over into '04, when 95% of the other riders were on 250Fs. Stew stuck with the 125 and nearly had a perfect season, winning 23 out of 24 motos. The only one he lost was due to a first turn pileup at RedBud.

Undeniably the most exciting, innovative and talented rider to ever race a motocross bike.


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6/18/2021 9:53 PM

He did that with 36.5 hp, his engine came on earlier than pc 125,s. Pc where at aprox 38 hp on top.