What’s a fair price for a set of AER48’s?

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5/26/2020 7:29 AM

I’m thinking about selling my AERs, now that I’m running Ohlins forks. They’ve been reworked by Factory Connection with their AER Performance Kit, set up for WORCS A class, 35 hours, great shape. Prices seem to be all over the place. What’s a fair asking price?


5/26/2020 7:57 AM

Most of the people that buy them are only using the outer tubes. I bought 4 sets and converted them to KYB and Ohlins. I usually wait till the price drops to $500. You could try separating them and sell the cartridges separate and ask $5-600 for the tubes and $2-300 for the cartridges. Try putting a feeler out there for the cartridges first because they will be hard to sell.


5/26/2020 8:24 AM

I might be interested in them for my Alta dual sport. The going rate for a set in good shape is about $700, but i've seen them go for as low as $450.


5/26/2020 9:49 AM

Sounds like the juice isn’t worth the squeeze. Thanks guys.


5/26/2020 9:52 AM

I usually see them selling for around $800. Some used, some are take-offs.


5/26/2020 12:40 PM

I sold a set with 2 hours off a 19' 350 for $760 shipped.