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8/23/2017 3:54 PM

Just getting my son started on a 2007 YZ85 that's in good shape.
in search of a starter kit that includes:

spark plug (9 rather than a 10 plug)
bars (not higher than std)
piston kit and wear parts (r brake pads)
used flywheel cover
throttle tube
lowered seat or foam
knee guards
other, what you got?

Located in Orange County, 92626
reply to my listing if you can't find my contact details. I know that ppl struggle with private message on Vitalmx.


KTM250SX YZ125 YZ85 PW80 ZX6 FZX700

8/24/2017 4:02 AM
Edited Date/Time: 8/24/2017 7:04 AM

I have a like new devol lowering link off my sons 2015.

I got several filters, gaskets, new brake pads, sprockets, etc also if interested