Want to buy carbon fiber seat base ktm

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7/20/2017 6:47 AM

Looking to buy a carbon fiber seat base for 12-15 ktm big bikes.


7/20/2017 5:44 PM



7/20/2017 6:28 PM

Guts makes them for other models so maybe give them a call...


7/20/2017 7:37 PM

I tried guts theybdont make em for ktm. It's not funny Shaun I thought the bleeding has stopped. Lol


7/20/2017 10:14 PM

I had the guts rmz carbon base and it's actually heavier than stock


7/21/2017 12:38 AM
Edited Date/Time: 7/21/2017 12:40 AM

Make one yourself
Or make two and I'll buy one off you