Want to Buy: KYB A-kit Forks for 2020 YZ450F

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8/11/2020 10:41 AM

Looking for some nice KYB A-kit forks for the 2020 YZ450F.

I am open to the A-kit "PSF1 air forks as well for a discount.

Let me know what you have!

PM me please.


8/13/2020 3:54 PM

Technical touch europe offers a kit air forks for 1750 euro’s. Maybe has TT usa the same offer.?
Spring forks still around 4000


8/13/2020 4:07 PM

Thanks for the lead - another VitalMX'er is assisting me with TT in Europe. TT USA is not offering discounts to that level.


8/14/2020 2:31 AM

We just received a new set from Klint Stapes. He got them built very fast and shipped quickly. Top notch guy. 951-833-4043 Please tell him Jerry recommended him.


8/14/2020 6:55 AM

Which type of forks (spring or air) and what was the price shipped to your door?


8/22/2020 11:14 AM
Edited Date/Time: 8/22/2020 11:15 AM

I'm on the Klint Stapes bandwagon. We'll see how this transaction goes, but a great call with Jerry convinced me. Good peeps on VitalMX - thanks for returning my call Jerry!!!

Had I not talked to you, I would have struggled to pull the trigger here, as it's hard to find info on Stapes work.


8/23/2020 11:18 AM

I just got back a set of kyb's that Klint did for my ktm. Just unbelievable..


8/23/2020 2:43 PM

Awesome to hear.

I also love helping companies like Klint's grow. So it's a two-fer!


8/23/2020 3:55 PM

What does Klint offer? Does he do KYB’s for KTM? What’s his companies name?


8/23/2020 6:01 PM

Call Klint Stapes at Stapes Suspension 951-833-4043