WTB: PDHS or Flex-bar also opinion on both.

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3/31/2018 7:27 PM

My son is looking for PDHS or Flex-bars for a 2014 KTM 350sxf with stock clamps. Considered the Neken SFS, but cost is a bit over his budget. Also opinions on PDHS vs Flex-bars would be helpful. Thanks.


3/31/2018 8:57 PM

I have a set of Flexx bars with Enduro Engineering barkbusters. $200


3/31/2018 9:18 PM
Edited Date/Time: 3/31/2018 9:24 PM

I have never ridden with the PDHs setup, but I have owned 4 pairs of FasstCo Flexx bars. I was pointed to them years ago by a Dirt Rider editor's article (Jimmy Lewis). His evaluations and description of things always resonated with me and I tried a lot of his recommendations, all with success. Rating? A++. He described the Flexx bars "as good as a fork revalve" (or similar). He was right. They truly are awesome and have only gotten better over the years (minor improvements like perma-lubed joints, adding elastomers to the rebound motion, etc.). The owners of the company are super standup guys, too. One guy is named Cole Townsend, can't remember the other(s). That goes a long way with me. So there you have it - I think they are worth their weight in gold and every bike I own will have a pair (and has since 2007). I honestly consider them a safety requirement for me now, just like knee braces and neck braces.

I hope that helps.


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4/1/2018 2:40 AM

Thanks for the info. Can't beat that kind of recommendation. I'll pass that on to my son.