WTB, CMT carbon fuel tank for 07 cr250

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3/27/2019 6:12 AM

Want new, or an immaculate used one,

Ideally i'm looking if anyone has any weight with an EU company that sells them and can hook me up with a good discount, as import/vat will be a killer from the states.

Best price i've seen so far is 720euro delivered, needs to be a fair bit lower than that for my budget, but i remember a few years ago a guy was importing them on here and selling them way cheaper than that, so it's worth a post i guess, you don't ask you don't get..



3/27/2019 11:54 AM

Cmt is the only one doing them,800 to your door,unless you go second hand!


3/27/2019 2:45 PM

Been quoted 720 by a german company on a cmt tank, i think a lot of European places supply/stock cmt, and can therefore do a bit of a deal, there's a massive mark up on them._


3/27/2019 3:01 PM

That’s a good deal,when they were 600 I balked at it,end up paying 800,win some and lose some


3/28/2019 11:06 AM

I did the same, and now can't bring myself to pay more... I'm still crossing my fingers..Lol