WTB: Beater/Fixer/Roller dirt bike in Nor-Cal

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11/21/2018 3:13 PM

Looking for a winter project bike anywhere from the bay to Reno. Full size bike with steel frame or aluminum frame, blown or missing motor is okay, just need the buy-in to be cheap. Title would be nice, but even that's not a deal breaker, just nothing stolen or shady.


11/21/2018 4:23 PM

If you come down to So Cal, I have one.


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11/21/2018 4:53 PM

Not a beater, but I'm expecting this 07 CR2 to be delivered in a week or 2. I'll be selling the rolling chassis as I'm mainly interested in the drive train. Send me a PM if you're interested.



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11/21/2018 9:02 PM

What’s your budget? I’ve got an 04 CRF 450 with a blown motor. I need to put the front wheel back on. But otherwise all there. And has title, I’ve owned it since brand new in 03


11/21/2018 9:34 PM
Edited Date/Time: 11/21/2018 9:35 PM

It really depends. If it's an otherwise nice bike and if the crank didn't blow through the cases, I'd probably do $1000 for a clean first gen. If it needs a rebuild *and* fork/shock seals, all the spokes are frozen, all the consumables are worn(chain/sprocket/brakes/tires/etc), linkage/wheel bearings, plastics, seat...I've rebuilt bikes before and know how easy it is to be nickel and dime'd, so I'd probably be more in the $600 range for something with current title that needed the full kit. On the plus side, I'm not looking for something to flip and have had my current bike for eight years and it wants for nothing, so if you're the original owner and want to make sure it goes to a good home, that's me.