WTB 78 RM125C Rear Wheel Hub

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9/13/2017 1:33 PM

I'm in the process of restoring a RM125C that I purchased a few months ago and need a rear wheel hub for it. The Suzuki part # is 64110-41320, which also interchanges with late 70's RM100's and PE175's. Does anyone have one sitting around that they'd like to get rid of? I've been trying eBay for weeks and found one but the condition is questionable. Thanks in advance.


9/25/2017 6:49 PM

I have one. It's not nos or anything but is most certainly a 78. Shoot me an offer I can't refuse.


9/25/2017 9:10 PM

Thanks but I got a hold of one through another member and it was just delivered this afternoon. Thanks again.


10/23/2021 1:28 PM

I'm looking for a rear wheel hub for my 1978rm125c resto if anyone has something?