WP Twin Chamber spring forks KTM/Husqvarna

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9/12/2018 1:56 AM

For sale 2 sets of KTM/Husqvarna twin chamber spring forks.
Both sets are anodized black, in very good condition, big axle.
Very underrated forks in my opinion, they work wonders when set up properly.

Can be used on 2016+ bikes using 25$ spacer kit.
Price is 700USD shipped each set.


9/12/2018 5:51 AM

Good deal on good forks. I have a set on my 2017 TC250 and am very happy.


9/12/2018 5:58 PM

Hi TurboJez,
im very interested in both sets.
can you please send me an email at jackosmart1eighty6 (at) gmail.com