WANTED 80-90's JT Racing Pants with white Nylon Mesh on the front!

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5/26/2018 9:34 AM

WANTED 1980-1990's JT Racing Pants.
Must have the white Nylon Mesh on the front ( from waist to knee)
*it usually ahd a Black & White JT Logo high up on each side.
Usually found more in the BMX scene where heaps of teams such as HUTCH/PATTERSON/SCHWINN/MONGOOSE etc used them for Factory rider pants.
**I have seen them also on Honda JT pants etc its the white Nylon Mesh it has or what looks like hundreds of little diamonds that create the mesh look.
If you look up retro or vintage JT Racing pants they come up on image searches.
please email me-media.mania@hotmail in Australia as happy to pay air mail etc from the states or U.K