Time to empty those piggy banks YZ250F owners

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6/30/2018 8:38 AM

2018 YZ250F stock with revalved suspension. Practically brand new. 2hrs on the clock. $6000.

KYB kit suspension. Purchased from Enzo for $6500 last year. All service and maintenance done by Enzo. Less than an hour use since fully serviced. $3500.

Go watch the start of The first two motos of 250B from Loretta Lynns 2017 and you'll see what I'm selling (Yamaha #95). This is basically the same set up we used in 17. Some parts are new for 18 and some are held over.
GYTR head with Webb cams. Has Webb cams instead of the GYTR cams that come with it. $1700.
CP 14.5:1 piston. New in box. $225.
Twisted Development 2nd injector kit. Includes Vortex ignition with custom maps, GYTR intake boot, and modified throttle body. $1700.
OEM crank with Carrillo Rod. Balanced to a CP piston. $400.
Buyer pays shipping and any transaction fees. All parts are ready for immediate shipping.
Please call or text me with any interest or questions. Wes (678)431- 5129