Parting out 2004 rm125 project

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7/13/2021 5:31 AM

I hate to do it but I’m parting out my rm project. I will post up prices later when I have time but in the meantime if your interested in anything just ask. It’s a 2004 rm125 everything is new or rebuilt. It has a 05 cylinder ported by Tom Morgan with a phathead racing head. It hasn’t been started since rebuilt. The only thing not available in picture is the seat and triple clamps. I also have extras I will post up later with it. Photo


7/13/2021 6:42 AM

Interested in some parts. Shoot me a text 615-854-7347


7/13/2021 7:25 AM

This is something I had laying around. Carbon ignition cover 0 hours $150 shipped in the US. Photo


7/13/2021 8:02 AM

PM Sent with my cell.

I am looking for a complete engine, exhaust and electronics to put in a new RMZ roller that I just picked up.


7/13/2021 8:14 AM

Spare trans as well as some other parts $200 shipped in the US. Photo


7/13/2021 10:09 AM

I’m interested in the subframe/airbox assembly. Possibly frame, swingarm, and linkage depending on price.


7/13/2021 2:13 PM

Complete motor sold, electronics sold, exhaust and carb sold, plastics sold and shift forks from spare trans photo sold


7/14/2021 5:32 PM
Edited Date/Time: 7/14/2021 5:51 PM

How about complete front end??
(Front brake, triple clamps, wheel, etc)

Rear wheel?


7/15/2021 5:13 AM

PM Sent


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7/16/2021 4:31 AM

Sub frame air box and carbon ignition cover sold.


7/17/2021 8:29 AM

If you get a chance, post up what you have left and the prices please. I just saw this post.