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red_leader red_leader
4/17/2018 9:29 AM

Saw these on Amazon for $75 shipped.

Seemed like a decent deal.

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jeffro667 jeffro667
4/17/2018 2:16 PM

Just a heads up on these, I've bought a couple of them, the spoke holes are too small for oem spokes, and they are not made in the USA, last one I got still had a made in Taiwan decal on it. I assume that their flunky missed peeling it off, I notified the company, but they are obviously still misleading/lying in the description. All that said, after drilling the spoke holes, it's a good deal. Photo

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RockyRider RockyRider
4/17/2018 6:18 PM
jeffro667 wrote:

Just a heads up on these, ...more

I had the same issue with the spokes, I thought I was crazy but feels better knowing that it's an issue

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tempura tempura
4/17/2018 8:48 PM

Taiwanese manufacturing generally isn't too bad. Don't associate it with Chinese manufacturing, usually Taiwanese stuff is way better.

"Nothing happens until something moves"

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Byron909 Byron909
4/18/2018 2:37 AM

Those were on ebay for a long while. They had rears for a bit, i never bought but always thought i should have for a spare set. I never could figure out if they took oem bearings, seals, collars.. I think they were leftover bto ktm stuff from maybe 14ish era.
I looked up the tcr place, saw some neat photos but i guess they are out of business?.

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langhammx langhammx
4/18/2018 6:18 PM
Byron909 wrote:

Those were on ebay for a ...more

They are still in business.
I think they might have ditched the manufacturing of hubs though. They still turn down stock hubs, Cerakote, Polish and lace up wheels. They are located in Northern California. I had the made in USA hubs on my ‘08 Honda. Geico team used them for several years.
Tough business... FasterUSA is sill around and hubs are machined in there shop. Great customer service and prices.

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