MotoVan (Short Bus) 10.5k USD

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1/20/2019 6:21 AM

2001 Ford e450, dually, 7.3 L diesel, 168, 000 km from British Columbia its entire service life up to road tripping with it across North America (no road salt used there). It is a short school bus fully converted to a camper. Has the reliable 7.3L engine International made before Ford switched to their poor quality 6 L one in 2003 that is known for many problems. Currently plated in BC as insurance is simple there and physically located near Toronto, Ontario. Outside dimensions: 23' long, 8' wide, 9.5' tall ground to top of solar panel.

This is a link to an ad with photos and a video:

With the back two bus seats that face each other and the wood table removed (as seen on kijiji ad) could easily fit 2 or 3 bikes inside by ramping them up through the back door.