Looking for people interested in 99-01 kx pc clamps

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2/15/2018 9:41 AM

I started a group on FB for 99-02 KX’s. And I have been in contact with a guy who is has been in contact with Pro Circuit to try and get a batch of triple clamps made for 99-01 kx 125/250’s. I copied his post below for anyone with any interest at all to email him. This is a great opportunity for anyone doing kx builds. Good luck. Oh yeah check out the FB group also. 99-02 kx

Okay guys I’ve been in contact with Pro Circuit in regards to them doing a batch of 99-01 kx125/250 triple clamps like the example in the pic’s.
They are happy to make them but we need to get at least 15 sold (deposits taken) before they’ll do it.
They’ve given me a price of $599.95 usd per set plus shipping. This price to me is pretty good considering the price of some second hand pc items getting around these days.
Because I started the ball rolling I told the person I’ve been in contact with that I’ll get the list of names together forward them on and they will contact you for the deposit.
So please spread the word to all the Pro Circuit kx restoration guys out there and see if we can make this happen.
You can use these clamps in other models to (kx500, kx125/250 96-02) if you get some 99-01 46mm KYB forks)
Send me an inbox message or email (gilly317@hotmail.com)
Also please tag anyone you think will be interested, they’ll make more if I get more numbers, also please feel free to share this.