Looking for a 1995 or 1996 CR250 shock

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1/21/2020 7:34 PM

Anyone have one?


1/21/2020 8:04 PM
Edited Date/Time: 1/21/2020 8:09 PM

Keep an eye on eBay, they pop up every once in a while. I'd recommend 96' over 95' as they have high speed adjustment (first year for this). 125 shock may fit too (you'd have to double check length) and that could give you 96/97 options for HS...

eBay item number:323959142894

eBay item number:333440491332


1/21/2020 10:04 PM

Thanks, so you think a 125 shock will fit?


1/21/2020 10:10 PM

This chart tells you what year and model cross reference with each other.This should answer your question.


1/22/2020 5:59 AM

I have one no wear on resivior but the bumper is rotted off just from age 300 bucks plus shipping
its a 96