Looking for OEM size 05-08 RM250 cylinder and head

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4/21/2018 11:21 AM

Guys, I’m looking for a stock size cylinder for my 05 RM250. I have a 295 kit on it now and it has a little too much “Get Down” (Eric Gorr term) for riding on the backyard track. I can get new OEM for cost plus 10% so the used price has to be reasonable. I wouldn’t mind if the cylinder needed to be rechromed either. I’m also keeping the 295 kit so that should hold off the trade requests. Thanks, Dan


4/25/2018 6:39 AM

Up for interest


4/25/2018 9:45 AM

I have a used head from 2006 RM250 that was taken off at the 5hr mark. Its in perfect shape. You can have it for $50 shipped. PM not working so just reply and I will call/email you tonight.


4/25/2018 3:49 PM
Edited Date/Time: 4/25/2018 4:24 PM

That works Frank. Email me


5/1/2018 3:33 PM

Still looking for a cylinder.