ISO Perf. Parts for 08 Honda CRF450R

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1/28/2018 9:42 AM
Edited Date/Time: 1/28/2018 7:22 PM

Hi VitalMX'ers,

I'm going old-school and building a nice, MX-oriented (but fully capable for off-road, too) 2008 Honda CRF450R for myself.

Quickly, here's how I've built it thus far:
-Factory Connection suspension revalve for Vet Int/Expert, focus on plushness and staying up in stroke
-Framebreaker Racing carbon fiber air subtanks (with built-in bleeders)
-Xtrig shock-preload adjuster
-Zip-Ty Racing carb mods performed (includes magnetic drain plug)
-R&D Racing Power Bowl 2 (gray in color)
-R&D Racing Flex Jet remote fuel-screw adjuster
-Dubach Racing NS-4 full exhaust system
-FMF Snap carb insert
-ARC RC-8 clutch perch assembly (black composite lever)
-ARC front brake lever (black composite lever)
-Motion Pro T3 Slidelight clutch cable
-Motion Pro T3 Slidelight hot-start cable
-Motion Pro Titan throttle tube
-Renthal full diamond grips, firm compound
-FasstCo Flexxbars (14-deg bend)
-FasstCo Impact pegs
-PMB Kick-It kickstand
-SDG step gripper seat
-Rekluse Core EXP 3.0 clutch
-Steahly +11 oz flywheel weight
-Wiseco lifetime-warranty forged clutch basket
-Galfer 270-mm front rotor setup
-Galfer stainless steel front brake line
-Galfer stainless steel rear brake line
-Scotts Performance Shark Fin
-Scotts Performance steering damper setup
-Dubach Racing radiator lowering kit
-Evans coolant
-CV4 silicone radiator hose kit
-Tusk Racing high-pressure radiator cap with temperature gauge
-Hammerhead CNC shift lever
-Hammerhead rear brake lever
-FasstCo rear-brake spring kit
-Cycra CRM Probend Handguards for Fasst Flexx Bars (with G2 Ergo threaded bar-end inserts)
-IMS 3.2 gallon tank (in natural/see-through color)
-Stegz Pegz (for better gripping of bike with boots)
-Nuetech Tubliss (tubeless) Gen 2.0 19" rear kit
-Ironman sprockets (14/48)
-Fastway Ring Leader Counter Shaft Spacer
-Regina Z-ring chain
-T.M. Designworks Factory Edition 2 Rear Chain Guide and Slider Kit
-T.M. Designworks case saver
-Hyde Racing plastic skid plate (to allow flex but also protect, less noise, too)
-Mino CNC'd clutch cable holder bracket (eliminates flex)
-Works Connection radiator guards
-Works Connection rear-caliper guard
-Works Connection hour meter
-Cycra Powerflow Plastics body kit
-Cycra oversize front rotor guard (to accept the 270-mm disc)
-Tusk Racing bling kit (anodized red engine oil fill plugs, steering stem nut, etc.)
-Tusk air filters
-Impact Graphics kit all around (I believe Tusk makes these)
-Motion Pro magnetic washer for use behind the OEM oil filter (to catch debris)
-Maxima Oils stainless steel oil filter, reusable
-I use Maxima Oils synthetic oils/fluids exclusively (engine oils, brake fluid, air filter oil/cleaner)

So, here's my question for you guys ...

Do you have any 2008 CRF450R compatible performance parts you think I've missed? Anything you want to sell me? Ignitions, other?

Thanks for reading!


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4/20/2018 1:13 PM

Currently looking for a Vortex X10 ignition + handlebar switch for the 2008 Honda CRF450R (it has to be for the 2008 evidently).


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