For Trade: Justin Hill signed/race used plastic & Musquin/Wilson new authentic number decals

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11/10/2018 8:22 AM

Hill TLD KTM airbox cover...race used...from Budd's Creek. Signed.

Brand new Musquin and Deano front number Red Bull KTM graphics. Never used. I helped out the team for a bit at Budd's Creek and now team manager, then right hand man, Ian Harrison was kind enough to give me these. Straight from Frankie and Jade's mechanic parts box. Hand given to me by an, himself. Would be cool as displays.

Looking to trade all for a late 90's jersey (my favorite era) such as Emig, especially....maybe Albie, Lusk, MC, Or maybe some other jerseys like RC. Kinda open to offers. These aren't prob worth any MC stuff but maybe Fro, maybe.