Don’t make me part this...Part 1 (KTM 250SX)

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1/14/2019 7:00 PM
Edited Date/Time: 1/14/2019 7:02 PM

If I can’t sell them, I’ll have to part them. That would be a shame, as they’re in amazing shape.

First up is a 2009 KTM 250SX. The bike has a total of 23.1 hours on it since I bought it brand new. I have and will include the MCO, or whatever it’s called. When the bike hit the 10 hour mark, I installed a 300SXS kit on it. I have the original piston, cylinder, cylinder head, and CDI, so I can sell the bike as a 250 if preferred. In the winter of 2012-13, I completely disassembled the bike, powder coated the frame, had the suspension gone through, replaced a bearing or two, put new (and some used but excellent plastic) graphics on it, disassembled the wheels and had the rims powder coated as well. I also bought a new FMF Gnarly pipe and silencer (forgot the model, but it’s an FMF also) for it. That’s about as far as I’ve made it. The wheels have been assembled but I haven’t had tires mounted on them yet. The bike will be ready to go if someone wants it, otherwise it’s getting parted.

I am including a photo of the bike just prior to being disassembled and one of how it sits now, with no wheels mounted. Photo


1/14/2019 10:01 PM


1/18/2019 9:05 PM
Edited Date/Time: 1/18/2019 9:06 PM

Anyone interested in parts or does anyone want to make a reasonable offer for the bike?