Bloody Arms

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12/25/2018 5:00 PM
Edited Date/Time: 12/25/2018 5:20 PM

I'm 51 and the skin on my arms is thinning. Every time I ride past a sticker Bush tall enough to catch my arm, I come home with bloody arms and ripped vented jerseys. Believe It or Not, these fast food cups work pretty well and best of all they're (sorta) free!

I know they look a little hokey but the best part about getting old is you stop caring what other people think lol. I haven't been able to find anything light weight enough or not too bulky that I feel like using. Trust me, I have probably spent $200 or $300 on various "solutions" but in the end, I end up not liking. We ride in 90 degree heat half of the time and most arm guards are either too cumbersome or too hot.

I would love to hear from anyone who has come up with a better solution so that my riding Buddies won't bleed out in the desert because they refused to copy me haha. Photo


12/26/2018 5:06 AM

that's a new one for me... haha. and I have no alternate ideas. But that seems pretty awesome.

But your statement about being too old to care about what others think reminds me of some of the stuff my cousin does to his gear and bikes. Hes 60 im 30 we ride enduro/dual sport and adventure. his "work bike" is a husaberg 300. it has a chainsaw rack, a car antenna sticking out of the front fender for spider web deflection, a machete slip in between the number plate and exhaust, custom lighting and GPS units and heated grips, home made wind shield... much more

but his new bike is amazing. its an 18 husky 350 dual sport. he did a custom headlight, turn signal, wind shield, GPS bar pad/dash assembly, a homemade back rack, homemade straps from a tank bag... too much to list. everywhere we go ppl are asking where he got the stuff and when he says made it in my garage they ask how much for one for there's....


12/26/2018 5:12 AM

I've never tried this but I know they sell forearm guards for protection when someone shoots a bow and arrow. Sometimes if you straighten your arm to much the string will hit it when you release the arrow. it can leave a nasty welt. Those might work for you and you can run them under your Jersey too. Just a thought


12/26/2018 6:01 AM

I have the TLD Speed Sleeves that I originally bought for mountain biking, but I wear them when trail riding and they aren’t restrictive or too hot. They are a little snug under some of the slimmer style jerseys though.


12/26/2018 12:37 PM

FDMoto525 wrote:

I've never tried this but I know they sell forearm guards for protection when someone shoots a bow and arrow. Sometimes if you ...more

Thanks FD, I'll look into those.

An added bonus to the hokey plastic cups is that they can help protect my expensive jerseys as well.


12/26/2018 2:07 PM

I work in construction. We are required to wear and use kevlar sleeves during cutting, welding, working above t-bar ceilings etc. They dont breathe the greatest, but they work really well at preventing cuts and knicks.


Google kevlar sleeves. There's dozens of different types, colors, lengths, etc.


12/26/2018 6:16 PM

Most forearm guards cover your forearms pretty good