2016 Mercedes Benz Sprinter Bike Hauler

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6/20/2018 11:02 AM

Start your summer off with a sprinter van! The Diamondback is a dynamic minimalist van conversion by Beartooth Vanworks out of Bozeman Montana. This model features our modular component system that allows you to move every piece and part around your van using MacTracks. With over 74 linear feet of MacTracks in the van you can always take out, move around, and adjust components to build the van you want. Having this versatility allows you to customize your van for the specific need and change it when you want.

You can take all of these components out and have the perfect bike hauling van. The towing package also allows for trailering bikes.

All components are built with aluminum frames and kingboard fittings to ensure the longevity of these components. Real wood accents are used ranging from mahogany, oak, maple, and These components include a 2' galley with pump water with 5g grey and 5g fresh tanks, a 2' cabinet with a 20L Permafrost cooler and Porta-Potty, two adjustable bunk beds, short and long wheel well boxes with removable tops for storage, and 3 overhead shelves ranging from 3-5' in size. This conversion also includes a 3 person removable bench seat in the back for hauling the whole family around. You have a single 200W solar panel on top which charges a battery that powers the lights, USB plugs, and 12V rear charging port.

The conversion features vinyl diamond-plate flooring and walls for easy-to-clean and rugged utility. Extra measures have been taken to ensure the van is quiet as it rolls down the road with 1" thick foam in the walls followed by upholstered marine grade ply, this van goes smoothly over any terrain.

With endless possibilities for builds why not have one of the only fully modular vans on the market that allows you to reap the benefits of any and all van conversions.

This model was used as a show van at the Overland Expo in Flagstaff. The 3156 miles were highway travel from Bozeman to Flagstaff, with some photo opportunities taken in the desert.

Conversion Specs:

Wall & Ceiling Paneling
Sound dampening
Heat insulation
Wall Paneling (2'3" Vinyl)
2'3" up from floor vinyl
Fabric on Remaining Wall

Floor Insulation & Laying
Sounds Dampaning
Structure & 3/4" Marine Ply
Vinyl Diamond Plate

Windows & Vents
CRL Opening Window Driver's Side
CRL Non-opening Window Passanger Side
Fantastic Fan
Window Curtains

Double Bunk Beds
2x Bed Frame
2x Wall Runners
Fabriced Bed Panels
2 Section Mattress

100w solar panel
Roof Penitration Housing
Solar Controler
House Battery (GPL-27T Lifeline or similar)
Battery Isolator
12v Cut off switch

110v inverter (Semlux SSW-600 or similar)
6 Overhear LED lights
USB & 12v outlet x2

Overhead Storage
3x Linear Overhead Aluminum Framed Shelves
MacTrack Single Point 12x
Mac Track Connectors 8x

Wheel Boxes
6' Per Side Material
Vinyl & Edging

Fire Extinguisher
Carbon Monoxide & Smoke detector

Optional Components
Storage Galley with Porta Potty and 20L Permafrost Cooler
Galley with flip up sink and foot pump - 5g Fresh 5g Grey tanks

Van Specs:

2016 170 Wheel Base Sprinter
Includes all standard components


6/28/2018 9:27 AM