2003 Honda CR250R with 2001 CR250R engine + 2001 Honda CR250R rest of bike + all engine parts + LOTS of extras.

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1/20/2019 6:13 PM

Need to thin the herd. Haven't ridden this one much in the last year so might as well let someone else put it to use.

Up for sale is my 2003 Honda CR250R outfitted with the engine from a 2001 Honda CR250R (older style engine). This bike makes the best of both worlds of the later model CR250. It has the fantastic engine of the earlier model, with the fantastic handling of the 3rd generation chassis. The case reed engine is not a bad engine by any means, and with a little work can be very good. But, I had a catastrophic engine failure on the 2003 and had just rebuilt the 2001 engine with a plan to sell.

Also have the rolling chassis from the 2001, most engine parts on the 2003 (needs a crank), and lots of spare parts for both bikes. Both the 2001 and 2003 have clear titles in my name.

Will add additional details on the bike and list out all of the parts very soon. Please reply or DM me if you are interested. Not interested in separating at this time.

Dog not included.



1/22/2019 6:03 AM

More info:
Full bike has around 40 hours on full frame off refresh.
Engine: Bottom end has around 40 hours on rebuilt crank, Top end is around 4 hours (Wiseco piston)
Cylinder was decked to tighten squish (runs great on pump gas now). Also have cylinder head setup for 100 octane (race gas mix or 100LL).
Has a Keihin PWK 38mm carburetor that is well jetted (no fiddling with Mikuni TMX).
Uses a stock pipe from 2001 (hard to find undamaged) and stock silencer from 2003.
Suspension serviced around 10 hours ago. Has springs for 180-200 lb rider. Have other springs as well.
Tusk wheelset (black rims, red hubs) with Dunlop MX3S tires that have plenty of life left.
Brakes: OEM front rotor from 2008 CRF450 and Tusk Rear rotor; OEM pads at both ends.

Parts list:
2001 Parts
Frame with title, has oversized footpegs (hard to find for 00/01), has CDI bracket from 2003 on it
Subframe - straight with no issues
Swingarm - bearings in good shape
Excel rims laced to stock 2001 hubs
Set of Dunlop MX3S tires (fair shape)
2001 airbox - no issues
FMF SST pipe (needs crack repaired)
FMF Shorty for 2001
Mikuni TMX carburetor from 2001 - needs vent hoses
Forks from 2001, stock valving, 0.46kg/mm springs
Shock from 2001 for parts only
Shock from 2004 Honda CRF250 - was going to rebuild this one for use
Other fork/shock springs also available
Triple clamps from 2001 with 1-1/8" bar mounts
Plastics in good shape (graphics are peeling a bit)

2003 Parts
Cylinder #1, plating is good, has a nick/gouge just above exhaust port opening. Still works fine (had about 15 hours on it like this).
Cylinder #2, good shape
Cylinder head #1, gouges in combustion chamber from engine failure
Cylinder head #2, good condition
Engine cases: set of damaged cases (crank failure) that had ~50 hours (all bearings in great shape), and set of clean/matching cases with unknown hours (all bearings in good shape, no gouges on sealing surfaces)
Full transmission assembly
Clutch assembly with ~50 hours, no grooving of basket
Powervalve controller with extra PV cables
V-Force 3 Reed Valve assembly
FMF Fatty (dent in pipe) - 2003
FMF Fatty (small dings, broken bracket) - 2003
Stock 2003 pipe (one dent, no impact on performance)
Excel wheels laced to stock 2003 Hubs, one broken spoke.
Stock 2003 rims (DID)
Mikuni TMX carburetor from 2003 - needs vent hoses

Fork seals, stock levers, PV cables, some gaskets, etc.
Probably other stuff


1/24/2019 5:06 PM

More photos here:

Photobucket link


1/24/2019 5:20 PM

$ ?


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1/24/2019 5:22 PM

xr70 wrote:

$ ?

$3500 for all of it. Can't believe I forgot to list the price. blink


1/24/2019 7:29 PM

how much for the airbox for the 2001? are all the taps in good shape and not torn?


1/25/2019 9:43 AM

PM'd you.


1/25/2019 9:58 AM

Trev311 wrote:

PM'd you.

Didn't get it, but sent you one with my e-mail address.


1/25/2019 10:03 AM

I love VitalMX but the PM system is real POS.

Here's my CL ad that you can e-mail or text me through:


1/31/2019 7:33 PM