1989-91 RM 125 Garage Cleanout

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8/13/2018 6:39 AM

cleaning out the garage, tons on 1990 rm 125 parts. most will work on 89-91/92 models.

- complete engine. seized, but everything is there except stator cover. cases in great shape.
- shock and linkage in good shape
- frame is straight and no cracks/dents. just needs to be blasted and refinished
- forks and triples in excellent shape. no roost rash.
- brakes, rotors all in good shape.
- stock pipe. no dents, but has a roost guard welded to it. will take a bit of work to restore but a good starting point.
- wheels
- lots of misc. stuff.

Let me know what you need. Message me for pics.


8/31/2019 4:58 PM

Hey just picked up a 90 rm125 still have the parts for sale