1987 FAT CAT

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9/24/2017 1:03 PM

Got a guy here at work that has an immaculate 87' with a Tennessee title... we've seen some of the outrageous asking prices for these things and I'm just curious what they are actually going for. Ive seen a lot of the yuppie type bike builder putting together some custom fat wheel bikes lately(truly hideous imo) and a lot of pics floating around of originals... just curious if the interest may be back up on them a bit these days. Any info would help and/or links to sold bikes, thanks.


9/25/2017 9:46 AM

There is a few out there all 2k range from what I was seeing- i'ld like one in the 1k-1,500


9/25/2017 12:11 PM

If you're on Facebook, here's a link to a Fat Cat group with almost 600 members.. https://www.facebook.com/groups/782093385134233/

I'm real big into the Honda Cub (EZ90) that Honda made from 91-96, and they are a lot like Fat Cat's in terms of fairly rare, and market pricing is kind of all over the place, with some people asking wayyy too much. That being said, an immaculate one with a title (title is kind of pointless since they are off-road only, but definitely doesn't hurt the value) should sell for $2,500 to the right buyer no problem, maybe even more. Most people are selling used & abused runners for $1,500+ and nice ones for $2,500-$3,000 or even more. But to your point, what people are listing them for vs what the market is actually paying can be two different things

Example of way over priced: http://www.ebay.com/itm/like/142512534097?vectorid=229466&lgeo=1&item=142512534097&rmvSB=true



Here's your competition in East TN: https://knoxville.craigslist.org/mcy/d/1987-fat-cat/6306052749.html


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9/25/2017 12:32 PM

A friend bought one last year for $2000, a tad high but he really wanted one, for some silly reason.

And check out this link for a great read on the 1986 Honda Fat Cat:

1986 Honda Fat Cat


9/25/2017 4:19 PM

Thanks for the information, I'll pass it on. And to the point of it not mattering about the title, here in Tennessee we can get practically anything tagged with a title, brake light switch and a horn.