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Skidlid84 Skidlid84
9/1/2017 10:12 PM

This all original 480 was found in a storage barn of the retired original owner a few weeks ago in rural, Iowa.

This bike was 100% original as it came off the show floor in 82.
Still has the original tires, plastics (-minus original front plate), bars, steel reeds, shifter, levers, exhaust,silencer, chain sprockets, and seat all original. Included is the rare plastic airbox cover everyone usually tossed right away.
The bike has clearly been ridden, but was not abused. Fenders do have some fading, no tears in seat. Forks (changed oil) and Shock are good.

Extremely low hour machine.
All I did was clean it up, and fix some minor mouse and fuel issues to get it running again. Motor hasn't been apart aside from gasket replacement (last week), and has excellent compression. This bike starts, runs and rides great. Would be ideal for someone to do a full restore or race vintage as is.

I have the current valid title and it is Iowa DNR registered through 2017.

(actual story was the original owner bought it, and rode it but was scared of the power, after some get-offs he decided to park it.)

Photos both when I found it and after clean up.

Location - Ankeny, IA

email -







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yz133rider yz133rider
9/1/2017 10:48 PM

Great job bringing it back!

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