The 2017 KTM Freeride E-XC has offically arrived

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8/9/2017 3:15 PM

Hey Everyone,

I just wanted to let you know that the 2017 Freeride E-XC has officially arrived at Elite Motorsports! I was able to do a quick test ride after setting one up and it is really cool!

Let me know if you have any questions or would like to get one. We have a limited supply still available.


Elite Motorsports




8/10/2017 8:06 AM

How does it compare to the Alta?


If you're not mixing gas, you're not haulin ass.

8/10/2017 9:24 AM

It is quite a bit different than the Alta (in almost every way). The 2017 KTM Freeride E-XC is very similar to its gas counterpart (it would be like comparing a 350 XC-F to a 250 Freeride R:

2017 Freeride
- Smaller chassis - Great for smaller riders, trials riding, and shorter trail rides.
- Less power - makes it approachable for beginners but map three is still very fun for more experienced riders
- Easy to lower - perfect for people who want full-size bike performance but have a hard time touching the ground.
- Shorter run times (around 1-1.5 hours +) depending on the conditions and the rider.
- Lighter duty suspension and brakes - perfect for trials riding and exploring trails but not as good for competition.
- Much less expensive - The price of this bike makes it a perfect inexpensive second bike for shorter fun runs.

2017 Alta Redshift MX
- Full-size chassis with geometry that will feel familiar to racing gas bikes (think 250/350 SX-F)
- Double the power - 40hp and 120ft lbs of torque making it competitive with any equivalent gas bike.
- Four maps - The maps on the Alta are specifically designed for certain applications (beginners will feel comfortable in map 1)
- Longer run times (we have been getting 2-3 hours with the record being 5 hours) Great for sprint enduros, longer trail rides with gas bikes, and motocross applications.
- 48mm WP forks and linkage rear suspension - Set up to compete with equivalent gas bikes
- Premium components - Brembo brakes, Neken bars, and Warp 9 Elite Wheels
- Industry leading battery that produces more power per pound than anything in the automotive sector

The Freeride is an excellent bike that is very fun to ride. It won't be everyone's only bike, and it doesn't have the same specs as the Alta, but it is a blast to ride! It would be the perfect after work bike! Find an urban spot or cool trail near town and get a couple of hours of riding in before the sun goes down.


9/4/2017 10:03 AM

My quick review.Great bike for experiencing new riding opportunities,and working on different skills.Had fun at the local OHV park,really fun on the small public MX track,perfectly suited for tighter tracks and inside lines.Got just over 18 miles of riding in just over an hour.Time to get some 220V outlets installed at the OHV parks.
Next I went out to some local suburban MTB trails,oh man what a blast,this thing excels on the tight twisty single track offered up.The majority of the trail users I ran across liked the idea,oddly not noticing I made no sound until I pointed it out,then they were really impressed.Rode just over an hour covered 9 miles and still had 40-60% charge left,can't wait to explore more areas.
Overall incredibly happy with my purchase and looking forward to a future full of urban riding opportunities.


11/9/2018 4:41 AM

Just came across this thread. Got one early this spring. After almost 40 years of 2 and 4 strokes this is a refreshing, I'm a kid again blast! Great when my buddy freshly disc's his fields!!!! smile Photo