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4/10/2018 6:23 AM

I signed up on their website for one. A local dealer is now an Alta dealer. How does it work for a demo ride? I heard a local track is having one. But i don't want to go there and have to wait for hours with lots of other people. Do they do time slots or something to make it organized?


4/18/2018 6:35 PM

In the same boat out here. Have reached out to my closest dealer and one in SF to get a private one scheduled. The one near me wasn't aware of any large scale events scheduled, but he was expecting an MX-R soon. I'll let you know if I hear anything else. Looking forward to trying one out before buying. What's weird though, is I'm more convinced about buying this thing than any previous ICE bike I've ever purchased. I guess it's just semtanics, but I really want to ride one first.


4/19/2018 3:45 AM

Ted722 wrote:

In the same boat out here. Have reached out to my closest dealer and one in SF to get a private one scheduled. The one near me ...more

I felt the same way, I really thought I wanted one but I knew I had to ride one first. I did get that ride, then I ordered one the following day.


4/22/2018 7:29 PM

I rode the MXR today at a local demo day. Was a bit skeptical but a couple seconds into riding it and I was already sold. Most fun thing I've ever ridden and was faster than I would need. I have a 450 and didn't feel like I was stepping down in terms of power. Some people say they have a competitive disadvantage but on a an amateur level I don't see how. If anything the Alta has the competitive advantage. Felt like a 250 2 stroke that was always in the meat of the power and pulled forever and the actual powerband was even more playful than a 2t imo.


4/23/2018 3:35 AM

Haha, riding is believing! I have a friend who I knew wasn’t real into the electric bike idea, too many years of premix in his blood I guess. I let him ride mine around a bit over the weekend and he came back with this big grin and goes to me “I didn’t want to like it... but I kinda do!” It was priceless!


6/28/2018 7:01 AM

It's been a few months since I've reached out to my two local dealers, Alta, and some Regional sales reps that have a presence here on Vital.

I did receive a response in the last few days from one of the local dealers:

'Sorry for the delayed response. We are still waiting to hear about Sacramento area MX demos. Currently the Alta offroad testride crew is doing a tour of the East Coast. Once they return to the West Coast we can inquire about other dirt demos.

Again, I do apologize for the delay but we are reliant on Alta corporate in manning the weekend dirt demos."

Kind of bummed, but if I truly 150% wanted to line up a ride, I probably could of reached out a little bit more to the local community of riders and been able to sample one. Any amount of impulse influence has been removed, but that's probably a good thing too. I still replied and said thanks and let me know when those test rides come into the area.

Ended up buying a left over 2018 RM-Z450. I've been a Suzuki guy for a while and happy I picked one up. I'm guessing too there's a $5K (more if I step up with a suitable generator at the track) delta between the MX-R and Zook.

But, re-stocking my oil supplies, air and engine filter(s), adjusting valves, possible exhaust, etc. will certainly bite into that 5K over the next 3-4 just the act of maintenance is more of a time conflict these days with my kids busy schedules that have nothing to do with moto. I know, first-world problems.

Still a big fan of Alta and when the time is right, I'm sure I'll be a happy customer someday. They have a great story and I believe a great motorcycle too. End "rant". smile