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4/16/2018 9:24 AM

So i am about to start restoring my first race bike: 1989 KX80 Big Wheel. I've been buying parts here and there as i can find them on ebay, as most of the parts are not available any longer. My question is, what is the best way to make old scratched parts look new? Is it possible? Polish or sand? Best tool to use? This is my first build and want to make it look the best i can. I've already run into the problem of not being able to find any spray paint older than the 1990 color. Any tips or thoughts? I'm planning to still ride it a little bit in the yard, so i am torn on whether or not to give the frame a fresh coat of paint as i kind of like the "used" look on the frame and it would mean a lot more work. Any tips on the best way to clean the frame? Is there a better way than sand paper and WD40? I almost have all the parts required to put it together, just hoping i can find time between work, 2 little kids (2 &4), and wife...


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4/18/2018 2:27 AM

If you mean how to make frame look fresh, the best way is to strip it and have powdercoated. An 80 frame would probably just cost the powdercoaters minimum. Worth it in the end.
Ive touched up frames that i thought werent too bad off, but in end i just made them look worse. I restored a 95 cr250 back in like 07. Its frame just had scuffs here/ there. I cleaned it up, figur d id clear coat it to preserve.
Over time it turned yellowish. Looked like crap. Amd that bike was cherry, so ot really stuck out like sore thumb.
If you are trying to renew the fuel tank or something, go buy a 3m headlight renew kit. I have tuned kawi tanks that were oxidized white back to brand new with those little kits. I have a 86 kx500 i restored abput 10 years back. I think i have before/ after photos of the 86 250 tank i used on it. Crazy how different it looked.