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3/1/2021 7:35 PM

Hey everyone! I hope all is well.

I’ve rode dirt bikes and atvs my whole life. It’s been 5-6 years since I’ve owned either. I’m at the point in life I’m ready to get back into riding. Things have fallen into place and I have time.

I will not be racing. It will be for fun only. I’m looking at buying a 2021 yz250f. I’ve always had Yamahas. But I don’t want the bike stock. After it’s broken in and I have some
Time on it I want a professionally built motor/suspension. I want it just to have it. No Other reason. I know the bike stock is more than enough. But on all my other 250fs I’ve owned I had hot cams, exhaust, intake etc done...

This time I’d love some work done by pro circuit. BUT. How far will they go with just the average joes motor? Based of your experience what all would they do to the engine and suspension? Since I’m not sponsored or a big racer will they build me an engine? I want it close to a pro bike as possible. Again...just because I can. I’m blessed with a good job and I have no problem dumping 4-5,000 into the engine and suspension.

I’d appreciate any advice! Thanks.


3/2/2021 7:35 AM

They will take it as far as your wallet will allow.

Advice? Just ride it stock first, and address any complaints later.


3/2/2021 7:48 AM

Yes ride it stock first and then go from there. You could end up taking a bike that you like and only have couple issues with and turning it into something that’s way beyond your skill level to ride and end up hating the bike and it just be something cool to look at.


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3/2/2021 8:19 AM

They can build it however you want, Will your wallet and schedule allow you to maintain it correctly though? I have a PC built 125 that is pretty decked out, It needs a piston every 10-12 hours, and the fuel isn't cheap either. I'd be lying if I said I didn't grin ear to ear every time I ride it though.


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3/2/2021 8:34 AM

Spoke with TD about the cost to replicate one of the ClubMX motors, got told 8 grand. But yea PC will give you whatever your wallet will allow.


3/2/2021 9:06 AM

A big bore kit with a cam, a vortex cdi, and a used A kit would be pretty prime imo 👍like navalseabee mentioned the "works" motors can get crazy expensive but thats because they are doing all they can to get the power while staying in the rules of their classes. Blueprinting, coatings, and cyro treating isn't really necessary if you just want a 250 that pulls like a tractor and is cool to look at 🙂