Need some advice about 98 Cr125

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6/20/2018 5:43 AM
Edited Date/Time: 6/24/2018 5:59 AM

So I grew up on a cr250, not even gonna lie and pretend like I know what year....I wanna say I was in about 7th or 8th grade which would be around 2002-2003.....anywho...i havent ridden in about 10 years and have been having the urge to grab a bike.

Now I remember how crazy I was on the 250 and I don’t think Im ready to jump straight back into that so I’ve been considering buying this project bike off a guy in my area.

It’s a 98 CR125.... just something for me to tinker with and throw around the yard.

As it stands the bike is mostly disassembled and all parts are claimed to be accounted for....for $650 it’s a steal

It does need a complete rebuild on the top and bottom ends, so I need to know what company I should go with for that, I’ve heard mixed reviews about wiesco and also about hot rods so if any one has first hand experience please share.

Also seeing as I’m going to be going through the bike bit by bit, basically as a novice 2stroke mechanic, can u guys give me some things to look for and possibly replace or upgrade

I know it’s got an fmf powecore 2 pipe, not sure of the exact exhaust, but I think the bike is mostly stock...that’s how I plan on treating it at least


6/20/2018 6:56 AM

I just completely rebuilt my 98. I would use wisco top end and oem bottom crank and main bearings. If you want to see what a wiseco crank does you can ck out my build thread here. I also barely put hot rods crank above wiseco cranks.,46/1998-CR125-One-of-the-Most-hated-125s,1331681


6/20/2018 8:31 AM
Edited Date/Time: 6/20/2018 8:36 AM

Yep what Ben says. 05+ OEM crank cheap and good quality. Piston - Wiseco, wossner, vertex, genuine whichever is cheapest. Bearings from Honda are cheap too.


6/20/2018 8:35 AM

Also download a genuine manual and print it out and bind it. Get one off the cr's Facebook site. Has detailed everything and they are very easy to build.


6/25/2018 12:23 PM

BenG wrote:

I just completely rebuilt my 98. I would use wisco top end and oem bottom crank and main bearings. If you want to see what a ...more

Yea I saw ur post before I signed up here....then before I paid attention I was browsing YouTube and came across a few of ur videos....

But I talked to the guy I’m buying the bike from and he says he was only recommending a full rebuild but the bottom half should have a season or 2 left, but the top end definitely needs to be replaced which is great to hear.

This is basically the condition I’m receiving the bike in....not too shabby....the guy owns like 3 or 4 bikes ?


plastics are in decent condition but I may buy an all white set and get some crazy bright neon colored graphics

Depending on the color scheme of the graphics I’m gonna go ahead and throw on brand new fuel lines and radiator hoses to match the color scheme

Also was wondering if anyone could tell me how to get my name on my graphics that would be great also

Similar to this where it says dirtbike rell Photo

You guys have any other suggestions?

Also any advice on gearing? I’d like to have a decent speed:power ratio. Something that can get up and go but also something I can ride wheelies with as well? (I’m 6’1 185#) if that makes a difference.


7/14/2018 10:55 AM

I’m going to preface this question by saying building this bike on a tight budget and want to only get it running, without cutting corners (not looking for the cheapest but not going for the biggest flashiest expensive upgrades I can find either)

With that being said looking at this top end and tell me your overall assessment of how this bike was ran between its last rebuild.....also do you think the cylinder needs to be replated or resleeved? Photo


7/16/2018 1:59 PM



7/16/2018 3:02 PM

what is your total budget?


7/16/2018 4:17 PM

My 2 cents. Get a Boysen Rad Valve for it too.