KTM 250 1993

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11/21/2020 2:57 PM

Hi all.
I just joined here and looking for some advice.
I just got a basket case ktm 250sx 1993. Needs complete rebuild. Maybe not really worth it but it is a good project and learning adventure.
Anyway the frame is shot. Does anyone know what frame will work with the 1993 parts. I have found a 1995 250 sx but need to see if I could swap the parts.
All help is appreciated.
Thanks all.


11/21/2020 3:25 PM

I know the 93 thru 97 KTM 250s had the same bodywork and basic design . I'd be surprised if you couldn't swap most of it over. Aside from going to conventional forks in 95 the 93 looks really close.


11/21/2020 6:24 PM

Thanks ATKpilot. I actually checked the vin and what I have actually appears to be a 92.
I have seen a few ads for a from fitting a 94, 95 and ,96. And one for about 3 years earlier tha what I have. I think it was 88,89,90 So I am figuring that probably a 91,92 and 93 are the same. I need to get some verification on that first

Thanks anyway. If you do see anything please let me know.


11/23/2020 6:07 AM

As ATKP mentioned, 93 was the first year for the newer body work that they kept until 97. It was also the 1st yr for the grey frame (white plastic purple trim and seat). 96 they went to the Butterscotch Orange plastic, but shape was the same.

1990 was the 1st yr for the right side kick engine. 1990-92 were basically the same body work. 90 had white plastic orange frame, seat and trim. 91-92 had a darker orange (almost red) frame and mint green seat cover and trim on the white plastic.

Regarding the engine - I think the cases stayed largely the same from 1990-97, but I am not sure on that. It is possible that you could swap between 92 and 93 bikes fairly easily even though the plastics are very different.