Honda Rebel 250 won't go faster than 35 mph!!

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2/27/2019 2:25 AM
Edited Date/Time: 2/27/2019 9:43 AM

So I was riding my 2006 Honda rebel 250 home today and a shifted down when I probably shouldn't have. The rpms spiked and there was a bit of a pop. After that the bike started acting up. It seems underpowered and if I give it more than about half throttle in any gear it will bog down and start slowing down. Using half throttle or less it was fine and I managed to get it home but the fastest I could get it up to the whole way way 40 going down hill. If I press the clutch I can rev all the way to redline so I don't think it's a motor problem. When giving it more than half throttle in any gear its almost as if it's not coasting but something is actively slowing the bike down. Any ideas??