Honda CRF 110 Build

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5/8/2019 10:54 PM

Started tearing into this new project. I have a few things in mind but I'm open to any ideas!


5/9/2019 4:43 AM

BBR swing arm, Marzocchi forks, BBR big bore.


5/9/2019 12:37 PM

Heck yeah! Thanks. It seems like BBR is my first choice. They don't make a ton of parts that are Honda 110 specific, but everything they do have is quality. I'm researching now, but it seems like a lot of big bore build also have an upgraded carb. I'm not sure how that will play out with these being Fuel Injected now.


5/10/2019 2:55 AM

Yeah the BBR stuff is good. I'm not sure how the fuel injection will go with a big bore kit but should be fine. Maybe send them an email.


5/15/2019 1:12 PM

just picked one up also.
Those BBR parts are kind of hard to find in stock at the moment..


5/15/2019 1:40 PM

Join the facebook group called "Mini Moto MX". Great deals for used parts and good group of guys.