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David_Darkes David_Darkes
4/2/2018 3:32 AM

The spring i have is yellow and is all chipped. My bike is nice apart from that. I would like to change it to blue or red. Is thete any good paint i can use apart from powder coating. And has anyone here done it and whats the best techniqes for doing it?

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suzukirmz250 suzukirmz250
4/2/2018 6:33 AM

Powder coat , paint will chip very fast and then look even worse

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mattyhamz2 mattyhamz2
4/2/2018 7:19 AM

I've seen a few guys on here just rattle can their shock spring. Cheap to touch up if needed.

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Hondas4Life3 Hondas4Life3
4/2/2018 7:30 AM

Ive used rattle can it holds up decent with some primer. A thick coat will chip I used the metal flake textured.
Powdercoat is better

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