this a good first build?

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10/25/2017 12:49 PM


I have an angle on this for $1500.00. It is complete/runs/and goes through the gears good according to the owner. I'm going to see it Thursday and I'm sure I'm going to buy it. I had and raced one back in the day and it was a good bike and I've been thinking about going vintage now that I'm getting up there in years.

Anyone have an opinion one way or another? Any problems with getting parts?



10/25/2017 2:01 PM

My dad has one that I raced frequently in vintage races and it was a blast. I pulled holsehots all day, the drum brakes worked good, and the power was smooth. I would do it. We sent the forks off to race tech and they were nice. Photo


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10/25/2017 2:56 PM

Thanks. Appreciate it.


10/25/2017 3:22 PM

Very good looking bike !! I think that is a "one year only" if not mistaken. Probably not a lot of part's avail, but in the condition as shown, I would scoop it real quick. If you post it in Old School forum you'll probably get some good feedback.


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10/26/2017 11:16 AM

No to thread jack but I've made my mind up that if I ever come across a YZ100 I would probably buy it. Maybe a similar generation YZ125 as well since the 100 is so rare. Is there a specific year to target? I saw a 1980 YZ125 recently that looked like the 1983 YZ100, is that the case?

Again sorry to thread jack, I watched "Stranger Thing" a few months ago and I'm falling in love with anything 80s :-) I'm a sucker for nostalgia.