FMF megabomb header build for HONDA CRF250R 2009

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11/28/2018 4:07 AM

Hello everyone,

I'm planing to build my own FMF megabomb exhaust header for my honda crf250r 2009.
Why I want to do it on my own and not buy it is because I love welding and doing that kind of project.

I have checked my friends megabomb of kawasaki kxf250, which I measured and did 3D model.
I would need info from someone who have megabomb on CRF250R 2006-2009, because the holes inside the bomb are not in the same position as in kawasaki which I measured.

So if someone can help me and measure this dimension on picture I would appreciate.
I would kindly ask you for picture of holes inside the CRF250R 2006-2009 megabomb header.
And if someone could do outline contour of the megabom (contour on piece of paper)

When I got dimensions I will start ASAP with welding and posting the pictures of the progress

Sorry for any language mistake (english is not my first language).
those are one of the dimensions which I need
holes inside KXF250, looking for picture and info of holes inside CRF250R 2006-2009

How to find diameter of hole and position of hole.


11/28/2018 12:09 PM

I'm mildly okay with this...for now. The minute these are offered up for sale, this is going to vanish like a fart in the wind.