Diy singe fmf.2014 crf450r

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4/2/2018 11:57 AM

So im new here but would like to tell a quick story.
Bought a 2014 crf450r.fitted with dual fmf system.both end caps missing and here in south africa its impossible to afford new end here comes my the 1 ton stock pipes or import new endcaps for 3 months worth of salary.
Or build a mid pipe,buy one endcap,and fit it as a single.......mmmmm ok here goes.fmf makes a single sided system for the hondas,but the or longer than our local elephant penis and just look out of i decided to make a plan.
Took the left side can from the dual system.machined a spacer to take up the mounting angle,built a mid pipe.fitted a yoshis quiet insert and spark arrestor.and there ya go.a good looking,sounding,performing single sided fmf system.power feels good.revs quicker.throtle response is happy.