CR125 resto

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10/23/2017 12:59 AM

PhotoSam Casterton 1999 by EL Sammo, on Flickr

Hi Everyone, here's some pictures and info on my CR125 build, i had a 94 cr125 (pictured above)that was an excellent bike straight out of the crate, i raced it through until around 99, but i always wanted a 96 model as they just looked so badass!

Twenty years later i finally managed to get the 125 i always wanted! A clapped out 95 that had 96 plastics and airbox fitted that i bought as a non runner online for $500, hey how bad could it be?

10/23/2017 1:03 AM

Photocr125 96 by EL Sammo, on Flickr

The CR i found had been handed down through various teenagers with the mechanical sympathy of a drunken baboon.

Photo20150402_091850 by EL Sammo, on Flickr

The seller said it had blown up, so he rebuilt it then it blew up again straight away, he had decided to go buy a four stroke as they were "more reliable" lets see how that works out for you kiddo!

Turns out the big end cage was breaking apart each time sending parts of the cage for a journey through the engine, young dude was just chucking a piston in it each time and hoping for the best, usually he did not have to hope for long as it would loose another piece of cage within the first few minutes of running again.

10/23/2017 1:06 AM

Photo20150316_095150 by EL Sammo, on Flickr

Used pro-x for the rod kit, clutch basket and quite a few other bits along the way, quite happy with their parts being a oem supplier its all a easy fit.

Photo20150316_070438 by EL Sammo, on Flickr

While the crank was being rebuilt i stripped the frame and dealt with the inevitable seized linkage bolts etc etc

10/23/2017 1:09 AM

Photo20160412_143233 by EL Sammo, on Flickr

Crank going back in after i cleaned the cases and fitted new bearings, seals etc. I cleaned everything by hand with paint stripper and scouring pads, i should have used a bead blasting service they look to get great results much easier.

Photo20160412_160402 by EL Sammo, on Flickr

New basket

Photo20160413_152242 by EL Sammo, on Flickr

Bottom end buttoned up

10/23/2017 1:11 AM

Photo20150316_123500 by EL Sammo, on Flickr

Pressed for time

Photo20150316_122555 by EL Sammo, on Flickr

More scouring pad action

10/23/2017 1:13 AM

Photo20141231_213032 by EL Sammo, on Flickr

Parts! Got a aluminium subframe from america

Photo20150228_095724 by EL Sammo, on Flickr

Always wanted renthal bars and sprockets back in the day! Not a stocker resto this bike i just wanted to have a tidy racer to have some fun on.

10/23/2017 1:14 AM

Photo20150317_163939 by EL Sammo, on Flickr

Now we're getting somewhere! Note paint roller front end for extra fast painting jobs around the house

10/23/2017 1:16 AM

PhotoIMG_0307 by EL Sammo, on Flickr

I managed to free up and re use the original spokes with a rub of never seize on them and true the wheels, new dunlop tyres.

PhotoIMG_0308 by EL Sammo, on Flickr

Some progress

10/23/2017 1:18 AM

PhotoIMG_0309 by EL Sammo, on Flickr

First order from honda

PhotoIMG_0318 by EL Sammo, on Flickr

Rebuilt suspension going back in, used UFO plastics they fit pretty well and the colour is good, not perfect like OEM but good enough for a racebike.

10/23/2017 1:21 AM

PhotoIMG_0320 by EL Sammo, on Flickr

Barrel had a sleeve put in it, i managed to find a great condition original nicasil coated barrel so used that. The factory manual is a good guide for setting up and bench testing the powervalves.

PhotoIMG_0324 by EL Sammo, on Flickr

Barrel on and engine married to frame.

10/23/2017 1:24 AM

PhotoIMG_0339 by EL Sammo, on Flickr

The alloy subframe, actually did not feel any lighter at all when compared to the stock steel one. I decided to save myself the heartbreak of weighing them and just decided it looked trick so was going on.

PhotoIMG_0349 by EL Sammo, on Flickr

Couldn't find a stinger style muffler so went with a new looking pro circuit. Will try to find a stinger later on.


10/23/2017 1:27 AM

PhotoIMG_0355 by EL Sammo, on Flickr

Cooling system, used a titanium cloth spark plug protector sock meant for a V8 car engine around the bottom hose as it was very close to the expansion chamber.

PhotoIMG_1396 by EL Sammo, on Flickr

Ta da! all done

10/23/2017 1:32 AM

PhotoIMG_2582 by EL Sammo, on Flickr

Now i had the bike i wanted all that was left to do was go ride it! Set the sag and left the jetting stock and it was excellent. Happy to report these are still as crazy fast as i remember and handle great! What a bike! Had a great day out ripping around on it, will hopefully get it out to some local VMX races sometime soon.

Hope you like the pictures and have a great day, Cheers!

10/23/2017 12:41 PM

Great stuff. Thanks for sharing cool