Best chassis for CR500af build?

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1/18/2019 5:01 PM

I have a 2008 CRF450 I’m considering converting to a CR500AF build. Is this model chassis better than any other year Honda platform, I.e. 02-07 CR250? I’ve heard the CRF450 has the same geometry as the steel frame 89-01 CR500’s. Concerned with stability and too short of a wheelbase to work correctly. Any swing arm lengthening worthwhile? Ill be riding on mostly sand tracks incl. Southwick and am targeting straight line stability but would like good turn in for some of the tight 180’s. Also would like to try out the ESR Cr500 cylinder coming out with the powervalve, maybe add the STIC carb mod. Also have a few KX500 engines to use, but not sure if that’ll convert into the CRF frame. Anyone interested in the CRF450 engine? Has TMR ported head, 13.5.1 piston, stage 2 Hotcam, barnett clutch, carb mods, all new valvetrain, .2 hrs. Photo


1/18/2019 6:01 PM

I would leave that 2008 crf450 just as it is...pick up a blown up crf250 and do the conversion...should be easy to find...


1/19/2019 12:25 AM

The best chassis for a CR 500 motor is the one Honda shoved it in at the factory. Steelies for the W


1/19/2019 6:43 AM

I parted out a 09 CRF450R and put in a CR500 engine. It wasn’t very difficult. I used a cp500 conversion kit. Worked well. It’s almost completed. Just need to put suspension in and plastics. Here’s some pix from awhile ago.
That bike u have looks too good to do that to. I would pick up a blown 4stroke to use if I were u. Photo


1/24/2019 2:05 PM

There seems to be a difference between the CRx50R chassis and the X chassis. I don't know the exact difference, but the the X chassis seem to handle better. Sounds crazy... but it's true. Get a X frame off ebay if you find a R that has a blown motor.


1/25/2019 2:19 PM

Just speculation but maybe the "X" chassis has a slight rigidity difference making a little more flexible.