Advice on building a bike!!

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3/2/2019 2:54 AM
Edited Date/Time: 3/3/2019 9:57 AM

I tried looking specifically for a bike build sub and didnt see one but if there's a better place to post this I'd definitely appreciate knowing. I recently bought a large number of bike parts from someone who is moving and never got around to a build they planned. I have most of the parts necessary to build excluding a few things from what I understand. I've never built a bike before and haven't even done much work on bikes I've owned in the past but thought this might be a fun experience. The frame is steel and was previously painted and stripped. I plan to get it painted but am not sure if I need to fully strip it bare with no paint remaining. Any advice on parts I appear to be missing or a good tutorial that covers building a bike from scratch would be appreciated!