Adventure Rally Suspension for 701

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11/25/2018 12:51 PM
Edited Date/Time: 11/25/2018 12:52 PM

Hello, I found a lot of knowledge on this forum, so decided to ask few things.
I am finishing my rally build project with Husqvarna 701 Enduro:

One of the last things is I need to sort out suspension. No need to loose words on how bad stock stock 4CS suspension is perforning.

I learned enough to know investing in WP 4CS 48mm, with 275mm travel makes no sense so I am ditching that since harshness is killing me and front end is kicking sideways on a dangerous way!

The plan:
I have a well renomed suspension (also official WP) tuner who will provide me a set of WP 4860 CC and he has good experience and results in using cone valve inserts in them + resprung/revalved for my needs.
We plan to do that to make a very good suspension for reasonable amount of money. 1200€ + VAT ( I dont pay VAT on a company name, so its 1200€) We plan to make it in 275 mm travel to match rear shock which revalved and resprung has good potential. I sell stock 4CS for 600€, so its not an expensive overhaul.

What are my needs:

1. to sort out completely high-speed compression damping (harshness in first 10-12 cm of travel)

2. to keep it as comfortable as possible for quite fast adventure riding since this is still going to be my 90% of use

3. to suspension to keep working well also at race speeds for rallying

Are there more types of WP 4860 CC?
Since they say the best are 2008-2017 from SX/SXS and in Six Days" and "Factory" EXC models.
How to recognize the right WP 4860 CC forks?
Were there any other CC forks older that are not as good?

What exactly am I loosing with staying on 275 mm travel and not going on 300mm? Pros/cons?

Any overall opinion on my plan with forks?

To go on 300mm travel that would be much more expensive obviously. Trax alone+linkage to fit, also not sure I want the seat so high above the ground since adventure traveling is my first choice. Ground clearance is mostly no problem either. But I like to travel offroad as much as possible at quite high speeds all day long.

Thanks for help !