2018 KTM 150 SX - Vital150Build - Series

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3/23/2018 8:00 PM

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Raw GoPro Footage DAY 2

If you have any questions let me know and feel free to follow me on the IG too: @ginger969


instagram: @ginger969

3/23/2018 11:38 PM

So since you mentioned weight... :

Have you verified the 192lb figure using a scale of your own? Is this the dry weight? Or with oil, coolant, fuel?

You should weigh each of the new parts that you put on the bike and compare them to OEM, and report the results.

You should try running fat bike mountain bike tubes. Swap them in during a day at the track, go do a few laps and see if you can notice any real difference due to the weight reduction. You could also try running the Starcross 5 tires, very light tires indeed.

Alright, weight weenie geek out complete. Thank you for your time.