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mini_Goff mini_Goff
1/8/2019 4:00 AM

Hey guys, I’m looking into doing an engine swap on my 2016 KTM 150 SX. Does anybody know if a 2016 250SX-F engine will bolt right into my 2016 KTM 150SX Chassis? I’m under the assumption that all of the chassis for that production year were the same, only changing engine mounts and what not to accept different engines. I could be wrong tho, just looking for your thoughts! Thanks.

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brody brody
1/8/2019 6:12 AM

i would not do it you will need air boot box sub frame
motor, throttle tube and cables, lots of time and fab work

if it was a 250sx-f frame with a 150 motor going into it i would say yes.
i would re build it ride it then sell it

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CarlinoJoeVideo CarlinoJoeVideo
1/8/2019 7:28 AM

The engine frame mounts are in different spots, also the tabs that the engine hangers bolt up to are different. Also the gas tank won’t work.

Better off getting a 250SXF frame, subframe, airbox, throttle body, electrical, exhaust system and gas tank then swap over the rest, but doesn’t really make much sense...

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mini_Goff mini_Goff
1/8/2019 9:18 AM
CarlinoJoeVideo wrote:

The engine frame mounts ...more

Thank you. Yeah it sounds like a lot of work. I found a new 250f motor and was just curious if my chassis would accept it. looks like I’m on the prowl for a new bike ?? Thanks gents

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