2015 KX250F

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11/17/2017 1:29 PM

So not had a bike in 5 years, finally been able to afford one. So basically ended up buying this bike off my friend for £3000 which I didn’t feel was too bad as he did deliver it too me 400+ miles there and back, they also took me riding which I really enjoyed being back on the bike. But my arms were solid as a rock after two laps lol.

Now about the build. Not looking to throw loads of money at it just a few nice parts here and there hopefully. More than likely will be getting so some new plastics and will make my own graphics for it. Hopefully have something nice and clean, open to ideas if people have any suggestions.
Only things I noticed which I wasn’t fond off were the triple clamps were abit chipped which goes without saying as it had come from down South and most of the tracks down South in England are pretty stoney and hardback. And the other thing was the colour of the exhaust was mainly surface rust and embedded mud.

Since my friend brought these and never bothered fitting them managed to buy them off him for £40, think the retail for them is around £130.

They are just a piece of art!

Part way threw cleaning the header.

This is as far as I got with the header hopefully have the whole pipe done by next Friday as my mates are coming up north again to go riding.