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MinusHuman MinusHuman
12/28/2018 12:58 AM

Hi Guys,
Need some input. i took a fall with my KX, bent subframe broken fenders etc..
since all of this is already broken and i need to replace i thought it may be an opportunity to do something i've been thinking about - doing a 2016 plastic conversion.

from research i gather i would need:
2016 Subframe with airbox and a tank.

i'm wondering about the seat though if its as slim as the seat on a '16.
thoughts on this or should i just go and replace with the 2013 parts?


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MZ193 MZ193
12/28/2018 6:06 AM

Did you like your 2013 style? If yes, replace it with 2013-2015 stuff. If you really want to make it look lile a 2016, you'll need some extra work and a little extra money than replacing 2013 plastics and stuff.
The bike isn't going to have a higher value if you'll ever sell it, and my opinion.. the 2013-2016 250fs and 2013-2015 450s are better looking than 15-18 and 17-18 250&450fs
Good luck.


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MinusHuman MinusHuman
12/28/2018 8:40 AM
MZ193 wrote:

Did you like your 2013 ...more

thanks Mz,
yes i figured i'd need to spend a little more - tank and airbox. the rest i need to replace as it is.
i actually really like the look of the 16-18kx450f. Something about it just looks sleeker to me.

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