2013 KTM 50 Build

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10/17/2017 11:59 PM

Hey there.

Getting ready for a long haul across the country next year racing so I have had to put the kids new bike purchase off a year. Instead I have decided to do a mini overhaul on his current bike.

The good news is the motor is good, clutch was just rebuilt so minimal amount to do there. I have attached a picture of the bike in its current state.

These are the items that I have

Every external bearing
Top end kit
Carb rebuild kit
New rads
New hoses
FMF pipe (bike came with FMF silencer)
Suspension sent away
Second set of rims (can't find any tusk, excel sets?)
Have frame painted.

Anything else that anyone can suggest?



10/18/2017 6:40 AM

Stoked for you. Will be an easy build your son will remember his sick bike when he gets older. Who are you doing for your suspension?


10/18/2017 6:52 AM

Thanks Braden! I am pumped. I had some bad luck and broke both my ankles really bad, in a wheelchair off work for 4 months total so this build is going to help me keep my sanity!

As for suspension I am waiting to see, he is going for sponsorship from either RMR or SSS which are both Canadian companies. The kid likes to jump so he will enjoy the upgrade!



10/18/2017 8:41 AM

Here you go. These are prowheels. I had a set from him. Bearings dont wear out as fast in these wheels. Very good quality. I believe he has them in black, orange or silver hubs.


10/18/2017 10:28 AM

Thank you!!


10/18/2017 3:58 PM

The wheels will come with bearing and spacers. The back will fit as it comes. You will have to run stock bearings with stock spacers on the front, as the ones they come with accommodate the previous small front axle. But other than that, wheels are better than stock.