2006 kx250f comprestion problems

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4/23/2018 10:58 AM

Hey guys I’m having a heck of a time with this bike build, I have built this bike form the tires up, and I’m having a little problem, it has a brand new crank and bearings a shop did that for me and I did the entire top end new 13:5:1 compression piston new cylinder new head including valves, valve seals, springs and cams they are shimed and I seated them, and I got the top end on the other day with brand new gaskets, went to start it and it had all kinds of compression felt really good, took me about 5 kicks and it started up, and then it shut off, tried to start it again and it felt like it didn’t have very much compression, valves are still good timing is good everything is perfect, think it could be a head gasket problem? That’s my only guess because I pulled the cams out and tried to kick it just to see and the compression was still really low and I could hear air coming out of the head where is sets on the cylinder and I could feel it. I’ve had a lot of problems out of this bike and I just want to make sure that was the problem or if it could be anything else.


4/26/2018 9:18 PM

what side of the head can you feel the air coming out of?