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HalfNugget69 HalfNugget69
4/9/2018 5:38 AM

Picked up a 2006 KLX125L with the rear shock blown out. Wondering what the best option would be to getting this fixed.
I’ve been looking online but can’t really find an aftermarket shock... if anyone could give me a brand to look for, a link, or should I just go to my local shop and have them service my current rear shock?
Thank you

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Hondas4Life3 Hondas4Life3
4/9/2018 9:18 AM

There isn't really any aftermarket options for shocks. A lot of people convert to kx85 front/rear end and that uses a KX85 rear shock, swingarm, etc. The easiest option would be to have the shock rebuilt by a suspension shop. A dealership can do it; but I always prefer having my suspension done by a actual suspension shop as they do it all day every day and know what to look for.

Look for one near you or any big name suspension shop can do it.

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